22 October 2015


Is it cynical of me to think that the mere fact that the scandal of Ms Clinton's decisions about Benghazi are only being allowed on the air because they aren't going to matter?

I've yet to see any scandal actually affect a cabinet official with anything like criminal charges since... since... uh...

I've seen some golden parachute resignations.  Calling that punishment is like saying you punished the pilot by allowing them to eject before the plane crashed.

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  1. I, for one, wouldn't be surprised to find that Team Obama is giving Hillary walking room and not letting her see till too late that she's on a plank out over the water. The Obamas and Clintons loathe each other; Obama sees the Clintons as sell-outs and DINOs, while Clinton sees Obama as a jumped-up wardheeler who stole the prize that should have been Hillary's. I have a suspicion that a lot of the impetus behind Saunders is from Obama, even if he has to hide it to avoid open civil war among the Donks. On a lot of things, Saunders and Obama are more simpatico than Obama and Team Clinton.


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