19 October 2015

Book Reference

Here's a chance to test your attention to detail and earn major Geek Cred®

What book do these guns refer to?


  1. God and Jetfire by Amy Seek. Take a lap or two Mc Thag, the devil has obviously found your idle hands.

  2. Replies
    1. Harry Reddington's brace from Footfall by Niven and Pournelle.

  3. "Surely Holmes", I asked, "there must be an answer to this question wrapped in a riddle, buried in an enigma."
    The great detective looked up sharply, "That would be Russia, and child's play, Lestrade could solve that one, and has several times, although he keeps forgetting the solution the next morning. No, my friend, Professor Moriarty weaves a much deeper web of evil than any Slavic autocrat. You see, it is not that there is no answer, the trick of it is there are any number of answers." I must have looked confused, so he continued. "The Professor can simply deny that any particular answer is the 'correct' one, thus leading his victim deeper and deeper into more and more obscure and ambiguous references, Down that road lies madness, and that is Moriartys true goal." He stood up suddenly with a hawk like visage that I knew well.
    "So," I said "Its come to violence. Shall I bring my service revolver?"
    "Yes," he replied "and a satchel of hand grenades as well."

    The Strange Contents of Laird Mc Thag's Sporran. pgs 127-128 The Strand, March 1888


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