02 October 2015

Dancing Monkey Strike

This time it's voice actors.

If they never record another voice over for animation or video game...

I still have food on the table.

The water still flows from the faucet.

My car still starts.

The range is still open.

My family still barely tolerates loves me.

In other words, whether they work or not has almost exactly zero effect on my life whatsoever.  Since their working, or not, doesn't affect my life I don't give a fuck how much they get paid.

Well, shouldn't give a fuck...

The fact is all forms of acting is really not that hard.  It is a skill that can be learned, and like all skills some are naturally better at it than others.  But it's a lot harder to acquire the skill of getting an order right at Chili's during lunch rush than to memorize some dialog and deliver those lines with feeling.

Pay actors minimum wage.  Better yet, make them work for tips.

Actors are the gloss paint job on a hot-car.  The thing that everyone notices the most, but matters the least.

Name an actor from ancient Greece.  Can you?  Now name an author.

Who starred in the first performance of Romeo and Juliet.  Who played Juliet when it was performed for the queen?  Bet you know who wrote Romeo and Juliet though, don't you?

Actors do not matter.  Just ask Darrin Stephens and Becky Conner.  More apt to a voice actor's strike, just look at how the cast of The Simpsons shrinks as people are fired and another begins to assume more voices.  And those voice actors being perfectly willing to take the role for a small increase of pay and take someone else's job kind of torpedoes the entire union brotherhood portion of the argument.

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