09 October 2015

Haphazard Application Of Purity Testing

I continue my refusal to enrich Christopher Titus.

The three specials he's produced since I stopped paying for them have confirmed something for me.  (The material is readily available for free from many sources.)

When a dancing monkey crosses the liberal political rubicon, they're not coming back.

What's worse is the specials are decreasingly funny as time passes.

There's a couple of good laughs, but...

There's lots of things about me that I can laugh about, but too many comedians forget to put the joke on the comments about some things that matter to me.

The "I'm not anti-gun but..." rant about the NRA just wasn't funny.  There wasn't a punchline attached.

Face it, Chris, you're a democrat and you're anti-gun and you should pay close attention to the people who're trying to tell you that one of your rants is nearly word for word out of Mussolini's mouth.

Dammit, you used to be funny!  Now you're sad.

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