26 October 2015


I have a retro (HEL E4A) silencer design all drawn up and ready to cut metal.

I've been dithering on starting because I don't have the $200 for the stamp with so many other obligations staring me in the teeth.

Who knows how much the machining will cost me.  Materials won't be more than $50 out of carbon steel.  Who knows how much something fancy like Iconel would run...

But if sound suppressors become title one stuff, then I don't have to make it from super durable space-age materials.  I can go with simple, and historically correct, carbon steel.

With all of the crap that goes with NFA, you don't dare make a suppressor that readily wears out.

Also, with the near zero interest in a not very efficient sound suppressor (even with all the retro interest out there) means this was always a DIY deal.

Heck, interest in this design could spike once suppressors are title 1 and I could even get to making them for a profit (with appropriate licenses of course).

Another bonus of deregulating suppressors would be that a more modern baffle pack could be developed to swap with the 1960's design giving a retro appearance with fewer decibels.

The sky appears to be the limit!

Of course the likelihood of HR3799 getting past Herr Obama is just a bit less than heavy snows in Miami.


What I wrote to my Representative.

"Considering that the nominally Republican sheriff won't sign off on a sound suppressor transfer to an individual and ATF Proposed Rule Change 41P will add a requirement for that signature to Trusts and Corporation transfers...
It makes the recent allowance to hunt with suppressed rifles in Florida rather meaningless if most people in the state cannot purchase one because of the refusal of a remote and capricious chief law enforcement officer. 
Additionally, suppressors simply make good sense. They protect the hearing of the shooter and those nearby and also make shooting in general more neighborly and less objectionable. Nearly every complaint about a firing range I've heard about is over noise. I would like you to support this bill if it passes through any committee you sit on and vote for it, should it come to the floor. Thanks you for your time."

Sadly, even if this passes the House, my senators are worthless.  Nelson is as anti-gun as you can get and Rubio is no longer bothering with being a Senator because he's put in his two weeks so's he can run for President.

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  1. Me, I've got an Ishapore Enfield I'd love to try to rebuild into a DeLisle Carbine.


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