06 October 2015

Needless And Tedious

And possibly illegal...

The Raven 25 I acquired yesterday might be the most tedious transfer of a firearm I've ever experienced; and I own NFA guns!

There was the normal ATF 4473, that's to be expected.

It was the battery of extra questions, photograph and waiting for the City of New Port Richey, Florida's system to kick in that became tedious.  This took an hour.

We weren't waiting on the FDLE system, because the pawn shop owner didn't even start that until he'd managed to successfully enter the sale into the NPR system.

NPR might be afoul of the law by requiring pawn shops to take these extra steps, because Florida has a pre-emption law.

Who do I contact now that I have standing?


  1. Try the NRA, the GOA or any Florida-specific gun owners' group.

    1. Florida Carry is the go-to group. They've a full plate for the moment.

      It was a rhetorical question though.


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