01 October 2015

Of Frog Lube And Light Strikes

July of last year I had my Glock 21 all apart and thoroughly degreased and cleaned.

I used FrogLube CLP as the LP when I put it back together.

A year untouched in the safe and the FrogLube now has the consistency of Karo syrup.

The pistol had three light strikes in 50 rounds using Federal Champion aluminum case 230gr FMJ RN (CAL45230).  Ammo that had never given us any problems in other guns.

So I pulled the striker right there at the range, cleaned out the no longer green FrogLube and applied good old-fashioned LSA to the affected area.

No more light strikes.

I might not be able to drink it, but LSA never seems to stop being a lubricant, even dried out the pasty residue still acts like a grease.

Top right, getting reacquainted.  Center, loaning it to Ian who'd never shot a G21 before and generally doesn't care for semi-autos.  Left targets are one magazine each after cleaning the firing pin.  7 yards for all shooting.  The embarrassing flier on the bottom left target I am blaming on the fans catching the target and blowing it up as I was pulling the trigger.

Yes.  That's it.

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