06 October 2015


An honest to pete accidental discharge!

Willard bought himself an MAB Modele C in .32.

Everything seemed to be working correctly, so I chambered a round, pointing at my favorite strongest interior wall corner...


The round hit the terrazzo and the lead splashed under the joists behind the drywall.  In accordance with Rule 4, I aimed where there was a 6x6 to take the hit should something like this happen.

No finger on trigger or nothing, animals scattered to under the nearest beds.

With "snappy" cycling of the slide, we get about 1 in 5 where it lets the striker go.  Riding the slide home it rarely drops the striker until you pull the trigger.

The striker is worn at the sear hook.  The sear looks like someone tried to correct for wear at some point, or this could be an attempt at a trigger job by Bubba.  Dunno.

New sear and striker on order from Numrich.

It's got a lot in common with a Browning 1910 except for the trigger mechanism.

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