23 October 2015

Pardon Me But

Cops Lives Matters is occupationist.

Fact.  It promotes one job above all other citizens.  It promotes a government employee's life far above the life of any ordinary citizen and is presently aping the KKK in its mannerisms and justifications for adding ever higher levels of fascist-like restrictions on the everyday person in the name of officer safety.

It fails to acknowledge that the biggest killer of cops in the US is not the common citizen or even criminals.

It is their poor driving skills and even with their bad driving, being a cop is not really that much more dangerous than a long list of other occupations.  Not even in the top fucking ten most dangerous.

If you don't like that you're over coddled and over deferred to... and people are standing up to your special snowflake status now.

Stick your issue side arm up your pompous ass and pull the trigger as many times as it will go bang.

I just told you how to shoot yourself in the head you fucking moron.


  1. I think most of those traffic accidents aren't cruiser crashes, but death in the line of duty....writing traffic citations and getting struck by traffic.

    1. Varies year to year which kind of traffic death is the most, but the trend was higher for lost control and hit something. Cars are safer to smash into things now.

      Still complaining about a racist organization in mirrored racist terms isn't going to change a thing about clueless drivers smearing an officer in a traffic stop, is it?

      But hey, I got reasoned discourse from him in reply. So very sad.

    2. Aligning yourself with a group of people who are mirroring racism while being utterly unaware of it... That's really sad too.


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