12 October 2015


I don't have any.

The things that loom large to me tend to be the smallest things to everyone else.

I constantly find myself whining about things and how nobody CARES!

Everyone: "Nobody cares, you fucking dumbass, because what you've yourself worked up about DOES NOT MATTER."

Never did.  Never will.  Every so often I even get someone who, ever so gently, wonders how it is that I so consistently fail to notice how teeny an issue is.  Of course when people do try to help, it's normally after I've embarrassed myself thoroughly and having what I'd gotten wrong explained to me in greater detail just adds to the, "may I go hide under a rock now?" feeling.

What I really need to learn is to spot the inconsequential before I become invested in it.

A good barometer might be that I'm willing to invest.

How many points was "Only interested in things of zero value to others"?  I'd hate to think I've been making such a fool out of myself for a quirk [-1].

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