10 October 2015

Some Routine Expedition

Tam reminds me of Land of the Lost.

The original saturday morning version.

First things first, if you have fond childhood memories of the show:  Do not under any circumstances rewatch them as an adult.

Childhood nostalgia is a fragile thing, like a soap bubble.

However, if you MUST watch them, they're actually not horridly written (it's the acting that kills them for adults).

Speaking of the writing...  Larry Niven!  Yes, THAT Larry Niven.

I'd really love to see a modern version of the show made that took it seriously.  I don't think I can say "FUCK YOU" loudly and emphatically enough to Will Ferrell over his version.

Likewise, I'd like to see someone tackle the world and story from the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon.  Upping the rating to PG-13 and remembering that your target audience isn't six would make it very entertaining.  A couple of those episodes were very dark.

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