02 October 2015

Still Not The Point

Joe posts a quote.

For some reason I am reminded of David Brin and his idea of The Jefferson Rifle.

Mr Brin seems so close to getting it, but ultimately never crosses the line.

Like so many people he's wrapped around opening phrase of the 2nd Amendment.

You'd think that someone who writes for a living would understand sentence structure better, wouldn't you?

We don't need another amendment to fix things.  We blatantly ignore the amendments already on the books now, passing a new one to "fix" the 2nd is just a form of "more, but harder."

I've only limited exposure to his fiction, just the books in the Uplift series and The Postman.

From what I've read of his opinion pieces is he's a liberal who thinks they're a libertarian with conservative leanings.  Because he so misidentifies himself, he can't properly speak for the person he thinks he is or understand people who are actually libertarian/conservative.

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  1. In a comment I made over at The Captain's Journal a couple of weeks ago, I suggested a simple word substitution:

    "A well-balanced breakfast, being necessary for the maintenance of a farmer's health, the right of the people to cook and eat food shall not be infringed."


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