09 October 2015

Time To Departure

Weer'd mentioned in comments that his average time from "I'll take it" to darkening the door on the way out is about an hour on buying a gun.

Around here it's been about 15 minutes, with most of them being spent with the FFL on hold to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) to get the "instant" background check done.  Some FFL's use the handy computerized system which takes a substantially shorter... uh...  the exact same amount of time as using the phone system.

Fill out the 4473, wait for FDLE, ring up the sale, out the door!

Oft times, though, I loiter around being social far longer because I frequent gun shops with friendly staffs.

The hour I spent buying the Phoenix/Raven stands out in how much more burdensome the process was compared to other shops.

I am not certain why Fifth Avenue Jewelry & Pawn in New Port Richey, FL requires so much more information and a photo to make a pistol sale, but it substantially lengthens the process.  And it's entirely their extra steps that make it longer.

I selected the nickel plated, toilet seat gripped POS .25 ACP powerhouse.

I fill out the 4473 and produce ID and CCW.

I answer all of the questions on the 4473 again to the sales clerk plus provide a phone number, eye color and have my picture taken.  With long pauses between questions while their system absorbs the inputs.

Then the shop employee enters the 4473 into the FDLE online check system.

Approved and done.

The employee was borderline evasive about why they were doing all this extra shit in the middle, but implied that it was something that The City of New Port Richey required of pawn shops on every sale.

If it is NPR's ordinance that requires it, then they're afoul of the State of Florida's firearms preemption law.  I think the courts have even held that you can't loophole around it by saying things like "all sales".

If it's just store policy to be so nosy, I don't think I will be buying anything there again.  A quick check of the city ordinances reveals nothing requiring the level of scrutiny they demanded.


  1. I dropped your post over Florida Carry so they can check with their lawyers. It does sound like they are going against the law

  2. There are some special rules for pawn shops when you deal with used guns. But not for an outright new purchase. Was it a used gun?

    1. Yes, used gun. I tag along with Willard when he hits the pawn shops looking for gems, this is the only pawn shop in the area doing this extra mile stuff.

      It's also the only pawn shop in New Port Richey we visit.


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