24 October 2015

Wear And Tear

One down side to keeping a car forever is things wear out.

I've worn a small hole in the side bolster on the Vette.

Gee, with all the edges and sharp things that come with conceal carry, how could that have happened?

Luckily I had accidentally thought ahead on this.

I'd bought a set of expensive seat covers with the idea of protecting the leather.  Actually, not much of these "leather" seats are actually leather.  They're mostly naugahyde (including where the hole is).

I took those seat covers off because the added 1/4" of foam and neoprene made the seats kind of uncomfortable.

But I needed to cover the small hole and protect the rest from further wear, so I put them back on.

Well, first they needed cleaned since I'd stored them at Marv's and that meant being shoved in a corner of his back porch and getting covered in mud dauber egg cases.

Once cleaned I put them back on and I've discovered that 117,000 mile, 8 year old seats have been smushed down enough that the extra 1/4" is welcome!

Drove all the way out to Wesley Chapel and back to Citrus Park to participate in Red Robin's "Tip-A-Cop" charity donation to Special Olympics.  No discomfort!


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