01 May 2017

Ирония, мы снова встречаемся!

I rag on Communism then get an email from Capitalists in Russia Belarus.

I've read a couple blogs whom review stuff.

"How do you get that stuff?" I ask.

"Call up the company and ask," they reply.

So I emailed a couple places wanting to try out a BelOMO PK-01VS.

I got a reply asking for my address because they'd love to let me do a write up!

From the email address, it's obvious who is replying.  Oddly, they don't want me to mention exactly whom they are.  I think this is because they operate under lots of brand names and different ones depending on region.

They say they're contacting one of their distributors and having them ship out the optic.  The only condition they levy is to JUST review the optic and not the supplier, since they don't want to single out or alienate any of the multiple vendors who carry the things.

I can see that.  There's a wide price range and touting a cheaper vendor could cause some acrimony.

Ebay has them for just over $300 and Kalinka has them for about $500.

I asked if this was a loaner or a giver and they said I could keep it if I liked it!


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