13 May 2017

Happy Disappoint

Just saw the Scarlet Johansen Ghost In The Shell.

It's a deja vu film.

Like all remakes, it's got too much of earlier versions in it.

They did a good job, but it suffers from a severe lack of original content.

Some changes appear to have been made just to change things and thus give fans of the older material something new.

But the changes aren't really required of the plot or character arcs.

The Puppet Master, Individual 11 and Laughing Man elements don't blend very well; and I've long considered the Individual Eleven plot to be one of the weaker storylines.

Not a Kuze fan.

I don't like the re-imagining of Major Kusanage Motoko into Mira Killian.  The Major knew who she was.

The making her the "first" full cyberization really dumb downs the setting and eliminates a lot of potential sequal material.  Batou is famously fully cyberized and juxtapositioned to against the baseline human Togusa in most adaptations of the manga where they both appear.

It's even funny because Togusa despite being "all human" still has cyber-brain implants because you need them just to be part of the GITS world.  Those implants have replaced pretty much all portable electronics in this universe.

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