13 May 2017

If We Can't Drill Our Way Out

If we cannot drill our way to energy independence, why is oil below $50 a barrel?

Just askin'.

IANAL like all those politicians, I'm just a mechanical designer with a business degree.

I've got an explanation that accounts for all the facts.

Why don't people who are supposed to be educated and trained to win arguments?


  1. Shh. You're not supposed to remark on the fact that hydraulic fracturing has just about wiped out new exploration offshore since the per barrel cost is half that of even the Gulf of Mexico. Or that with the acceleration of technology "peak oil" gets further away every year.

  2. Other factors... Coal gassification technology (Fischer-Tropsch process derivatives) improvements basically will limit gasoline prices to about $5 a gallon (relative to inflation) or lower if there are more advances. We've got enough coal that can be turned into gasoline to continue fossil fuel economy for a couple hundred years at least. Combine that with improvements in alcohol and other "alternative" energy sources... Maybe sometime within our lifetimes we can tell the middle east they can keep their oil and choke on it and if they want to live in 632AD... we can wall them off and let them play by themselves.


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