30 May 2017

Name Game

Make Champagne Popsicles To Toast The Fallen!

Be honest, if it'd been Chelsea Clinton saying to make those popsicles, you'd have never stirred.

But since it's the daughter of the "wrong" president, NOW you give a fuck about the memory of the fallen?

NOW you care?

Fuck you!

Really, fuck you.

This sort of hypocrisy is what gets my goat the most.

If something is wrong, then it's wrong.  It's wrong for me to do it, then it's wrong for you to do it.

If it's OK for you to do it, then it's OK for anyone to do it.

If you condemn a politician's dumbass rich daughter for her behavior, be sure that we're paying attention for when the "correct" politician's rich daughter does the same thing and making note of if you condemn her.

The reportage on Ivanka Trump says far more about the reporters than it does about Ivanka.  The people agreeing with that reporter are also revealing more about themselves than they think they are.

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