13 May 2017


I discovered there's entire web pages dedicated to report on each and every arrest made in a given area.

That's not surprising, the police blotter is as old as news.

The interesting part is people who've nothing better to do but comment on every arrest, secure in their righteousness that the accused is guilty from the safety of anonymity and being out of range...

Except... they post under their real names.

For fuck's sake, they've got facebook, twitter and other accounts and don't know that google exists?

Some of the people they're commenting on are guilty and vindictive.  And since the doors of the jail are practically on spinners...

I am actually most surprised that nobody has done anything.

Actually, it's not surprising.  The criminal types that would do something probably don't get curious enough to search their name and arrest.

Those who're innocent and do the search out of curiosity, well we don't DO shit like harass idiots without lives.

Honestly, as long as their commenting on every arrest, they're not out there driving.

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