26 May 2017

Racist By Design

But the designers aren't who you think they are...

Dug more into this convoluted mess of voter ID. People become concerned that foreign nationals are voting in sanctuary cities and places like that. So they demand that ID be produced to vote to stop ineligible persons from voting.

The press, whom are walking lockstep with one party do not report on instances of voter fraud, especially in places controlled by that party.

Prosecutorial discretion is exercised heavily about voter fraud because the default cry of the press and party when they are caught/thwarted is ALWAYS racism.

The requirement for this ID is discovered to be racist because the party that benefits the most from said fraud has made it difficult for minorities to obtain the requisite supporting documentation to get the ID. Yet the requirement to get this ID is racist and not the manner in which the ID is being denied?

Judges appointed by the benefitting party block the law.

The people still don't have what they're asking for. That only eligible voters vote and only vote once per person per election.

If we're going to talk about racism, lets make sure that we put out there WHICH party has been consistently racist since Reconstruction.

The 13th Amendment (Abolished Slavery) was passed with 100% Republican and 24% Democrat support. The 14th Amendment (applies Bill of Rights to States) was passed with 94% Republican and 0% Democrat support. The 15th Amendment (Gives Blacks The Vote) was passed with 100% Republican and 0% Democrat support.

Jim Crow is a product of Democrat controlled state legislatures. This includes gun control laws intended (for reals) to never be applied to whites.

Modern gun control is a product of racist AND antisemitic Democrat authors. Purportedly in response to fellow Democrats assassinating their leadership...

The Democrats had a high ranking member of the KKK as a celebrated Senator for nearly half a century. After admitting that was wrong of him, he was a Senator for another 20 years, until his death. Where were the calls for his resignation from the press? What Republican would get a moments peace if they'd been discovered as a Grand Wizard?

Which recent President ran in the south using Confederate Battle Flags (and we just got told that ANY use of this flag is ALWAYS racist) as a back-drop to their names on buttons, and what party were they affiliated with? Hint, "Mr Civil Rights Act" Lyndon Baines Johnson did the same thing (he also signed that racist/antisemitic gun control bill into law).

What party was President Lincoln from?

What party was President Eisenhower from?

What party was Dr Rev Martin Luther King registered with?

Do you know why those last three are significant?

But, please, continue to explain to me why I'm a racist because I want voting to be fair, honest and legal.

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