19 May 2017

Sense Of Scale

Nobody has ever accused a model 29 of being a small gun, but surely a 9mm should be much smaller, right?


Damn the M9 is a large gun.


  1. The Beretta is pretty near the same size as a 1911, so not exact;y a small pistol. Maybe you need a 6" or 8 3/4" model 29.

  2. I have an 8 3/4 Mod 29. It's a VERY LARGE handgun, as you can see http://www.andyandnoreen.com/44mag.jpg

  3. Despite the open top slide the M9 is fairly heavy for a 9mm, nearly as portly as my wife's S&W 5906 which is a pretty big chunk of stainless. The M9 is not much lighter than a 1911.

  4. And insults really get added to injury when you compare it to a Glock 19 that has the same capacity.

  5. The first time I handled the M9 I thought "Damn, this is a big, fat, heavy gun". I much prefer my fake Hi-Power (FEG) or M&P.

    1. The Beretta and Browning are almost exactly the same weight.

      I agree, the Browning feels like it's lighter though.


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