25 May 2017

Which Part Is Racist

I shared this meme on my Facebook page:

I got told that, "but voting is a constitutionally guaranteed right."

Like buying a gun or peaceably assembling?

The person I was debating is a doctor of Astrophysics, and formerly a player of my Traveller game, he's not stupid.

A friend of mine who works for a nearby forensics unit, also not stupid, replied with this video.

His department of the agency he works for does the investigations into voter fraud... he's seen more fraud than was published in the news in his county.

I will concede that there is very little actual fraud.  I refuse to concede that demanding that we make people prove that they are the person they are claiming to be so as to vote is racist in its intent.

It might be useless, but it's not racist.

But is isn't useless; the margin of victory for Senator Franken was smaller than the number of ineligible felons who voted in that election.  If Minnesota had a robust voter identification system then there'd be a Senator Coleman today.

When you start tracing why it's so difficult and expensive for affected minorities to obtain the requisite identification in some areas, we start seeing the hand of the same folks who brought us Jim Crow.  Again.  Just like gun control.

What is racist here, denying someone the identification they need to function in our society by placing the place they need to get it far from where they live?  Making getting the documentation for proof of identity so hard that it requires a lawyer and a couple thousand dollars?

It's noteworthy that the people who claim that voter ID laws are racist hardly ever admit that everything on the left side of that list would be racist too, for the same reasons.

Much of that list is centered on something else I have a right to do, engage in commerce and travel freely.

As the video says, if Democrats can afford to bus people to the polls, why aren't they bussing people to the DMV and paying for all supporting documents to get these poor benighted, oppressed people their ID's to let them vote?


  1. The list misses that anything that will get you further than you're willing to pedal a bike needs an ID. We know that you need ID to fly a plane, but doing research, I couldn't find any bus line that would sell you a ticket without ID.

    Also I know where the Constitution tells the .gov to keep away from the guns...where does it say we can vote?

    1. We're guaranteed a republican form of government from the states, that means voting.


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