23 May 2012

Sample Art From Ident: Updated

Looks like Tabitha is going to get a "Colt" logo.

The general consensus at Arfcom is:


  1. What does Arfcom think of my Luna holster?

  2. I didn't share it. They have an opinion about my logo because the retro section of arfcom has faux Colt logos engraved on their guns.

    Your holster is definitely not retro, they tend to draw the line about 1972.

    I'm getting a pass for bringing it up because there've been fights about the Ident Markings logo being TOO close to the actual logo and someone mistaking a NoDak spud gun made from a kit for a genuine Colt. The MLP logo just goes reductio as absudum on them

  3. That logo would go really well with
    Wally's selector.

  4. You should order a lower and send it off to Ident!

    I'll bet you $100 that you could set it on your desk at home and neither your mother or brother would identify it as a firearm.


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