17 August 2013

Rehab Report

Sisinlaw says:
Herk is doing well, getting stronger everyday. Had his trach removed yesterday morning and it looks great already! Working with therapists next week to come up with some plans of action when he leaves so my parents and I can figure out how to keep the wheels turning through all of this! Herk is expected to be there another 3-5 weeks (they think 5 max) then will be following his outpatient plans.

She's posted some pics to Facebook.  Herk looks like he's had a MASSIVE stroke.  The entire right side of his face is completely slack.  But there seems to be spark in that left eye!

It's just starting to set in to me just how bad this accident was.

She's also selling off some of the bikes and quads to help offset the costs.

1 comment:

  1. It sure is easy to lose perspective, isn't it, when you're in the middle of a traumatic situation? You almost don't realize what has happened until you come staggering out the other end.

    He has a tough road ahead of him (as do you all) and I wish him strength.


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