30 August 2013


You may notice a new pic on the sidebar.  Update:  It was removed for two reasons.  First, the coming out was a total non-event.  The gun blogs are apparently quite accepting of transgender.  Second, the support I was showing was not in any way reciprocated publicly; with my issues I was told privately to "grow up" or "get help".

Erin Palette, the gunblogosphere's bratty little sister, has come forward and shown us that she is a "he" via a photo.

She's posted a very long explanation of what's going on and says it far better than I would here.

I'm on her side here, so if you've something negative to say about it, don't bother I'll just memory hole it for you.


  1. And I would have had that sidebar thing up two days ago if I could have remembered how I added my KTKC pic/link thing. Every time I want to make a change I don't remember where Google hid it.

  2. Thank you so much for all your support, Thag. It means so much to me.

    Fun fact: you were the very first gunnie I came out to!

    1. I'll admit I was disappointed you weren't the spitting image of Pinkie Pie.


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