29 April 2015

Cop Dash

The instrument cluster from an Olds Custom Cruiser I'd put in my car finally stopped giving even a hint of accuracy about the speed plus negative function on both the trip and odometers.


On a shelf in the garage I had a cluster out of a '92 Police Caprice.

Rewired the connectors, added a ground and viola!


Installed and almost entirely functional.  The tach is reading hilariously high.  We think it might be expecting a 4 cylinder signal and it's getting pulses right off the coil.  I need to get it someplace where I can get a steady state cruise in lock-up to see if it's a fixed ratio.

Note the mileage!  That's accurate (and a pain to make so).

By the way, GM, the connectors are the same for the Chevy 9C1, Olds Custom Cruiser and Buick Roadmaster 91-93.  The placement of the gauges is the same for all three.  Why don't they share pin-outs?

I had to move 13 wires from one pin to another, plus add a ground to change from Oldsmobile to Chevrolet.  The Olds and Buick share the same circuit board, but rearrange the lights so there's like 8 wires that are either relocated or omitted.

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  1. Not too many people have extra clusters on hand!


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