01 April 2015


On the top is an N-Frame.  Highway Patrolman Model 28-2.  .357 Magnum, six shooter.

On the bottom is an I-Frame.  Terrier Model 32.  .38 S&W, five popper.

Quite a difference in scale, no?

The Highway Patrolman shoots quite well.  I forgot my phone so I don't have a picture of the target.

Also took Tabitha and Sabrina out to get reacquainted.  Willard says that I pass at this station, and that I may advance to the next one.  At the limited range we have at the local indoor, 25 yards, I can make a 3/8" with ten rounds of Federal XM193 from Tabitha and about an inch with ZQ1 SS109 from Sabrina.

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