21 November 2015


Got three Mosin 91/30 here.

The 1941 Izhevsk is an unrestored, pre-Barbarossa gun.  Clearly issued to a supply sergeant or other REMF who took great care of it.

It is far and away the best made of the three.

The 1943 Tula is the worst made and has all of the short cuts of war-time expediency.  It's also been rebuilt and counterbored.

The "1922" Izhevsk ex-Dragoon is also a product of rebuilding.  The quality of the much earlier parts shows, especially in the Chatellerault hex-receiver.  This gun was rebuilt at least twice.  In 1896 or so it was a new-made in France Model 1891.  In 1922 the receiver was recycled into an 1891 Dragoon rifle and then converted into a more pedestrian 91/30 long after Germany was defeated.

You'd think that three near identical rifles would feel more similar in the hand to each other.  For no reason at all the 41 Izzy feels lighter in the hand and is more "pointable".  All three have slightly different contours to the stock, and it's likely what I'm feeling is one fitting my support hand better than the others.

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