08 November 2015

Not Insulted

Way back in January...

Tam told me that I took all the wrong things from a post.

It wasn't really my take-away from it I was writing about.

The article she was referencing that got me typing simply knocked my brain cells together and reminded the muse it was on the clock.

Over and over I've noticed that I don't think like other people.

Astonishingly, I've managed to come to the correct conclusion in a totally wrong manner, from the wrong direction with data that should not have added up to the destination.

I literally do not live in the same world you do.

I get by though.

But what you're going to get here from time to time is a polite reference to what knocked the brain-cells together and then the non-linear results.

A+B=C but infers if B+D=C then D=A.  And what if E=B?

What if I saw that E=B without noticing D=A?

A+E= what again?


Something else that's happened over and over is an inability to explain to a LOT of people what I am on about.  Blogging has helped a lot.  I am communicating better than ever.

Better than ever does not mean well.

If you have a question, comment!  If I am wrong, and an explanation is short; comment!  If I am wrong and an explanation is long; link me to the correct answer!

Do not attempt to engage me with someone else's argument, make your own.

But always remember this is where the pressure vents.  This is where the waste steam is collected from the blow-off.  The engine is elsewhere.


This post made on two shots of Oban and two shots of Jameson.

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