01 November 2015

Still Not Shipping?

Has Remington fixed the R51 and started shipping it yet?

Have they fixed the guns that were messed up and already sold?

Wikipedia says they're still not shipping as of October 2015.

It's still listed on Big Green's web page, so there must be some plan to keep offering it.

It's really tugged at my imagination since it was first announced and I'd love to see it be successful.  John Pederson was extremely talented and is underrated in so many ways.


  1. The big issue is it is NOT Pederson's gun. Pederson made a .380 that could sidestep Browning's multiple patents, and compete with them.

    Really the New R51 (aside from all their QC issues, and that they apparently can't even make a Remington 700 worth a damn anymore) is as Pederson as the new Browning A5 is JM Browning.

    1. You've no romance in your soul, do you? ;)

      It's still derived from Pederson's idea. I like that Remington tried to modernize it and actually brought it to market. I'm dreadfully disappointed they didn't build it right.

      There's a recent article about Rem's new .380 that opines that the new CEO has addressed the QC. That's why I was wondering if the R51 had been fixed yet.

    2. My Romance is only towards John Browning designs....except .25 ACP, fuck that cartridge!

      (and yeah, I own guns in it, and stock it...so who am I fooling?)


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