07 November 2015


I've returned to converting the GURPS 3eR Fantasy Bestiary to the 4e rules.

I'd made it to Sea Serpent last time I took a break.

I'm remembering why this is so hard.  While the rules are simple enough, these creatures are stupid.

And the very first one I came back to, the Senmurv, is a race not a creature.  The Senmurv is actually pretty cool, but the Shamir is lame.

The Shika...

Giant Shrew?  Giant SHREW?  GIANT shrew?  Really?


  1. "Giant Shrew?"

    Huh. I wouldn't have expected Hillary Clinton to have her own entry in the GURPS Fantasy Bestiary. Learn something every day...

  2. Hey, shrews are crazy man. They eat like half to twice their body weight in food every day, and supposedly have to eat every hour or something like that to avoid starving. Some of them even have venom, and all of them move like they're juiced up on speed. A giant, insatiable murdermole seems like it'd be potentially more worrying than you'd think at first glance, particularly depending on how giant it is.


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