20 November 2015

Had A Dream

I was out of ammo for my carry gun because I'd just been in a self defense shooting.

I dreamt this shooting too, but I can't recall it.

I got home and someone had broken in while I was in the bathroom.

I discovered them in the other bathroom shower and there was an exchange of gunfire.  Knowing I wouldn't be able to unlock any guns or ammo before he finished reloading, I grabbed my claymore off the wall and stabbed him through the throat.

Dream logic, being what it is, the dying perp complimented me on my thrust and criticized my choice of the blued basket hilt instead of brass.


  1. Should I ever find myself in a situation that requires me to use deadly force in self-defense, having my rapidly-expiring assailant critique my choice of weapon with his dying breaths would be AWESOME!

    "300 AAC Blackout... Feels like... Hornady ~cough~ 110-grain V-MAX... ~cough~ Lot 3122218 ~wheeze~ Good... call... I'm a goner... ~wheeze~ Before I go... gotta ~cough~ ask, is that... a Wilson ~cough~ Combat 16" barrel?"

    1. Frankly, though, if I had any firearms ready for home (or, in my case, apartment) defense, I would probably be best served by having some good 9mm 147-grain JHP ammo for a pistol-caliber carbine. A bit more velocity than from a pistol, and a useful reduction in muzzle blast and muzzle flash. Someday, I'll get that....


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