26 November 2015

Ancient Family Secret

Lasagne doesn't take that long to prepare, if you have the sauce on hand.

For years and years we made the sauce from raw tomatoes.

Then one year, we started with the short cuts.  Buying canned tomato paste and stuff.

Then one year Mom discovered that great grandma's sauce tasted exactly like the canned Hunt's spaghetti sauce.

Guess what I've never done again, except to show up a Godless Heathen New (SPIT) Yorker about how it's really done?

Yup.  Make the sauce from raw tomato.

Great grandma would also roll out the pasta made from scratch too.  I buy Barilla.

In the end it comes out the same and everyone enjoys it.

By the way, if you put egg in your lasagne, you are wrong and should feel bad.

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