16 November 2015

Amnesty Plan

I have a plan!

In keeping with the jobs that Americans won't do theme...

12 million draft notices.

12 years of service overseas rooting out our enemies wherever we send them and they're citizens!

It's past time our casualty sensitive selves had a Foreign Legion.  Use citizens for the officer corps and NCO cadre.  Don't bar citizens from serving if they're feeling adventurous.

If even one in twelve serves we've got the troops to do most anything an army can do.


  1. Problem would be to make sure they leave the Legion as English-speakers. The Foreign Legion offers French citizenship to those who've been honorably discharged, but it's enough of a Tower-of-Babel to make even the dumbest _Kepi Blanc_ learn French. This would be mainly Spanish-speaking.

    1. Spanish speakers pick up English readily when you take away the option to speak Spanish.

      Want paid? You get paid in English.

      Wanna eat? You get food in English.

      Want ammo? You get issued in English.

      Wanna avoid learning the lyrics to Danny Dever? Orders are issued in English, just sayin'...


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