20 November 2015


The Boston marathon bombers, in addition to being welfare sponges, were refugees.

I'm getting fed up with "people" trying to equate vetting Syrian refugees against terrorist ties with the Franklin Delano Roosevelt's DEMOCRAT administration's refusal to admit Jewish refugees from National Socialist Germany.

And blaming the demand on the Republicans?  You've misspelled "c-o-n-s-t-i-t-u-e-n-t-s" again.  I am also sick of the Democrats getting a pass on their racist communist and fascist (but I repeat myself) roots and continued racism, communism and fascism.

Back to refugees...

MS St Louis is often cited.

Fine, let's play.

In 1939 how many people had been murdered by Jewish refugees?  How many massacres worldwide by people claiming to be Jews by 1939?

The worst of the worst for murdering Jews I've been able to find is the Jewish mobs of prohibition.  For the record, they're pikers compared to the, still standing, Italian and Irish gangsters.

Oh, These charming fellows were already in the country (and many of them already dead) in 1939.

But we're dancing around the gorilla in the room.

In 1939 its a case of fascists wanting there to be no Jews in their country.  One nation expelling theirs, and another refusing them.  In 1939 it's provably racism.

Today it's two-fold.  First and foremost, and virtually unreported, is Americans are fed up with enclaves of unassimilated foreigners.  Thank Mexico for this one.  Second, a small percentage of the refugee population, everywhere it lands, goes off and murders their hosts!

The Boston Marathon bombers were refugees.


  1. What's often forgotten about the Jewish refugees is that, before WWII, Jews in general had an iffy reputation. They were the vectors for just about every bad idea that came along, notably Soviet-style communism and Freudian psychotherapy (if I hear one more person yammering about how I drive an SUV/own a gun because I have a small p*nis, I'll scream and run amuck; to be fair, Freud, himself, had nothing to do with those yammerheads and hated them more than I do). We also had this thing going on called "the Great Depression," and more competition for employment was not wanted.

    Nobody also had any idea that anything like the Holocaust could happen, particularly in a place like Germany. The Jews were badly treated there, but it could be said that they got treatment no worse than blacks did in the US. The Holocaust, proper, didn't gear up till late 1941 or early '42. Blaming Americans for not having crystal balls to gaze into strikes me as a bit unfair.

    1. First off, you can say penis here.

      Second your lead-in could probably be phrased in a manner that makes you sound less like a member of The American Bund Party.


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