16 November 2015


Seems that single vendor at the gun show is not alone in asking $300 for a 91/30.

Gunbroker is asking that too.

Pretty soon we're going to be hearing regrets from people for tearing apart their $70 "oh there's millions of them!" rifle to make an ersatz sporting gun.

Especially from those who made irreversible changes or have lost the original parts needed to reverse the change.


  1. I doubt you'd approve of me re-stocking my Ishapore Enfield. The reason I did it was because the original stock was crapped out and developing a crack.

    Of course, you'd probably be so gobsmacked at the idea of me actually successfully doing such a task, you might forget to disapprove. *wink*

    1. Actually I'm trying to wrap my mind around, "Technomad OWNS tools.

      I don't actually disapprove of modding milsurp. It's just that it's often done by Bubba and done so poorly. It's also invariable that the unmodified guns will become far more valuable than the modified guns that _I_ leave them alone and enjoy their history.

      Somewhere there's someone with a Finnish model 27 carbine who carved it up to make a deer-slayer. Made a $100 gun out of a $7,000+ gun.


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