10 November 2015


In whose interest is it to foment a race war?

From where I'm sitting it sure doesn't look like it's in the minority's interest to get it going for reals.

A real race war would be brutal, but once it gets going it's best to have numbers and whitey sure got that.  Being slow to anger, the casualties on the white side would be pretty steep; but once the push-back began it would not stop until the war was done for good.

There's folks who are otherwise neutral about race who're damn sick and tired of being called racists and once it comes to violence will roll up their sleeves and start slitting throats with the worst the KKK has to offer.

If it comes to violence, what does one do?  Surely self defense apply, but at what cost?

It'd be far better to actually have that talk on racism, the serious one that nobody really seems to want.

I can see an aftermath where minorities would pine for the halcyon days of Jim Crow.

I don't want that.  It's not in my interests to foment or have a race war.  The stakes are too damn high and fascism lies along too many of the likely paths.

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  1. Very good points - I figure that those pushing the confrontation (BLM Activists, etc.) assume that it won't go that far and if pressed they would claim that they are using hyperbole to make their point, but when one keeps playing with fire, eventually one will slip and get burned - and if one has first drenched the neighborhood in gasoline, one might find oneself in a tad bit of a pickle ...


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