01 November 2015


I've been using Script Safe with Chrome for a few now.

Teaching it what content you allow and what you forbid from a "forbid all" default state has been illuminating.

The first thing you notice is how many sites just flat don't load at all unless you allow the sites own javascripts to run.

Then you start to see how dependent the sites are on third party Javascript.

To the point that you're left with two choices for the site.  Quit trying to filter out the essential from the non-essential and unwanted and view the site unfiltered.  Or just stop going to that site.

I'm trending towards the latter.

If the entire site is third party Javascript, is there really anything I need to see there?

Probably not.

Especially since you can make click-bait sites like answers.com or cracked.com behave after allowing very few scripts to run...

On a couple I experimented with "allow all temporarily"...  That just allows all of the pending scripts to run.  Once run, there's always more to allow.  One several sites I've never actually gotten the page to load even after five or more "allow all" cycles.

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