03 November 2015


GURPS: High-Tech: Adventure Guns lists firearms from about 1850 to the turn of the century.

There are 43 guns given stats on the Revolvers table.

If you expand the table to give stats on the sub-variations mentioned in the text, you get 114 entries.

I've observed over and over that if something isn't on the weapons table, the players don't buy it.

So I go through the texts and add lines for the versions mentioned in the text alone.

Between the Basic Set, High-Tech, the two volumes of Pulp Guns, Infinite Worlds, SEALs in Vietnam and Adventure Guns I've got a 54 page ODT in 8pt single spaced lines; and I am only about half done with Adventure Guns.

I haven't even started on Low Tech and Ultra Tech!

Once this is done I'll be able to cut and paste line from these official tables to conversion of 3e things like WW2 and my own Twilight 2000 conversion.  Might even get around to doing Traveller again.

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