04 November 2015

Is There Nothing Sacred

Guinness is going vegan.

This is the final straw.

The 11.2 oz instead of 12 oz small cans.

The 14.9 oz instead of a pint...

Now this.

I hate to break this to you Diageo, but you're not the only game in town.

Not only do I have my choice of local micro-breweries; there's twice as many pico-breweries!

I think I shall have something from Escape to ease the pain of the loss.

The funny thing is I don't care if your beer is vegan compliant.  I really don't.  The fact that you're making a change to make things vegan compliant and bragging about it bothers me.  Perhaps if I'd ever encountered a single person from Vega who wasn't a SJW, it wouldn't rankle me so.

Giving in to their demands is just like any concession to any SJW.  It doesn't end there.

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