08 May 2017

An Odd Bleg

I'm thinking I need some more income.

The recent legal disaster would have been a speed bump if I'd had an income.

There's some rather startling barriers to traditional employment for me.

My stupid legs prevent getting a job where I have stand.

The Boy prevents a job where the hours are conducive to a job where there isn't standing.

I, obviously, lack the financing to start my own business.

I also lack the contacts that would grease the launch of such a business.

However, I've watched several bloggers leverage their blogs into a writing gig, but I've no clue how to get to the "perfeshunal" stage.

I do know with my design drafting experience and business degree I CAN run a business should someone invest in me.

My first idea was to make retro suppressors.  Getting past SOT and ITAR is expensive, but the tools aren't.

Anyone know where there's a work-from-home opportunity for a broke-dick vet like me?

1 comment:

  1. What about contract design services? There's a few over on the other side of state, and we're a small city. I think most of the design draftsmen I knew worked as contractors at some point.

    Your own design bureau? What's to stop you from doing work for any company anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection?


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