26 May 2013


Doing some online comparisons of me and my friend's cars.

My Corvette has 22.4 cu-ft of cargo space and 52 cu-ft of passenger space.

Marv's noticeably smaller '96 Corvette has a mere 12.6 cu-ft for the junk and 48.7 cu-ft for the people.

The Lovely Harvey's Civic has 13 cu-ft of cargo and 91 cu-ft of passengers (and two more seats than the Vette).

Anglave's Mazda has a 12 cu-ft trunk and 94 cu-ft cabin.

FuzzyGeff is rocking 12 cu-ft in back and a mere 84 cu-ft up front, the price you pay for the lower roof-line of that two-door.

The Biscayne has 20 cu-ft of stowage with a cavernous 114 cu-ft for you and five of your friends.  Marv's Impala SS has identical dimensions.

My oft-lamented soul-crushingly underpowered '86 Civic hatchback managed 15 cu-ft of cargo with 70 cu-ft of interior.

All of the cars listed, except the Biscayne, can have cargo intrude into the passenger space because there's some form of pass-through from the cargo area to the passenger area.

All of the cars listed, except the Corvettes, can stuff overflow into the back seat.

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