18 March 2024

First They Came For Pornhub

We're having a Niemöller moment.

Texas, Utah and Virginia have passed laws that require government issued proof of age be used to access porn sites.

Pornhub has been responding by shutting down access from IP addresses in the aforementioned states.

Once again the puritans are being short sighted.

This will be twisted.

Firearms and alcohol companies sell a product where you need government issue proof of age to purchase.  You have to be an adult to buy the product, therefore, you need to an adult to access the content of those web pages.

YouTube, I see you have gun and alcohol content; remove it.

YouTube has been looking for an excuse for a long time to outright ban gun content and you stupid puritan idiots have just handed them the method.

This "for the children" shit always leads to some kind of tyrannical bullshit and makes it even harder to pass good law that's genuinely for protecting children from harm.


  1. And frankly, it isn't going to keep determined youngters from viewing pr0n any more than they can't get access to alcohol or a copy of Hustler magazine. There are lots of ways to circumvent IP based blocking, plus it also has a ton of false positives, so a lot of people in other states will be getting blocked too.

  2. 'The Great War of 2025, Civil War 2.0, wasn't sparked by a stolen election or a porous border. No, the catalyst for war, and the dissolution of the United States of America, was a lack of easily accessible on-line porn.' -Henry Quirk

  3. Pornhub sucks anyway as far as getting what you're looking for.
    All they have to do is what every other porn site does and put a block over the results until you click that "I've read everything on here and YES, I am over 18"

    Then you can go on to your Midget penguin porn.

    1. I'm not looking for midget penguin porn. Who said I was looking at midget penguin porn? YOU'RE looking at midget penguin porn!


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