01 May 2017


More black women are buying guns and learning to shoot.

There was once a time I starting buying a certain type of gun and learning to shoot it because the Illuminati® was going to round me up into some sort of death camp.

That turned out to be untrue, but I stayed on with the guns.

I suspect these women are going to discover that there's not many racists among gun owners because they're going to start rubbing shoulders with us fat old white guys at the range more regularly.

I, for one, welcome them to the world of gun owning, self-defense and conceal carry!

For some, I am sure, are going to have a bit of shock when they notice that we gun rights people tend to be equal rights folks too, and we mean EQUAL more than the people trying to make them afraid.

Ever notice that it's not us fat white gun-toting guys out there putting fear into their heads?


  1. Good! Now if we can just get them to start instructing others!!!

  2. Gays with guns (Pink Pistols) and now black women with guns? When will the madness end? and yes, I do think they will be surprised when they discover how much into EQUAL rights we really are.


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