06 May 2017

Stay Up Late And Worry About It

When something is so rare that it boils down to three cases over almost 50 years and two of them are cops and the other isn't even a self defense case?

Don't stay up late fretting about it.

Blame Miguel for this diversion.

The real title for this class of cases should really be:

Don't use hand loads for self defense if you're a sworn law enforcement officer.

With a subtitle of:

Don't hand load in New Jersey when you cannot prove it wasn't YOU who pointed a gun at your girlfriend's head then pulled the trigger.


  1. You can't see kit, but I am flipping you the bird.
    PS: Where is the bacon AR Magazine? :)

    1. I can't find an answer about how the bacon pmag was done and since they were discontinued I'm loathe to experiment on my small supply of sand magazines.

  2. Miguel does raise some good points!


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