04 May 2017

The Impossible Shot

The limitations of my Powershot S5IS become apparent when trying to take pics through a scope.

Plus, since my name is not Oleg...

At any rate, here's my attempt to show the view through the PK-01VS.

It's hard to see here, with the camera manually focused on the front sight, with a dot that's focused at infinity, that the optic co-witnesses with the irons.

I was given the choice between washing out the dot with its brightness, or not being able to see it at all.  There was also the fun of balancing the rifle on a bipod while focusing and aiming the camera.

A nice crisp 1 MOA dot.

One place this optic fails where the Aimpoint succeeds is emitting light out the front.  This is not a unique fault to the Belarus glass, it's common with most illuminated reticles.

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