04 May 2017

They're Idiots

Union Lock-Out.

If I found a warehouse job that paid $21 an hour, plus commissions and was full time, I would have absolutely no problems paying for health insurance and 401k.

I've made less and managed to pay for those things before.

Every single place there's a union, there's a delusion that "management" is sitting on piles of cash, wearing top hats and twirling their mustaches while laughing evilly.

The truth is that the margins are getting narrower and narrower and every day profits get smaller and smaller.  In such a competitive environment, it's unrealistic to expect cradle to grave, someone-else-pays-for-all-your-needs in addition to a rich wage.

I'd like to clue in these guys, it's a minimum wage job.  It can be learned in a day, so it doesn't deserve a lot of pay.


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  1. Here in IF, one of the things that shut down the Farmland pork processing plant (a major employer) was union demands. The union finally asked for one thing too many, and Farmland said "Okay, we're shutting that plant down!" That threw a lot of people out of work. Congratulations, union guys!


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