04 May 2017


Let's say the battery on the PK-01VS lasts 400 hours.

That's 16 days, 16 hours.  That means it will dark on the 20th some time.

If it lasts for 3,600 hours.

That's 150 days.

That means it will make it to October 1st!

Basically I'd need to change the battery twice a year.  Even super duper lithium batts are cheap enough to do that.

It's not as good as the 80,000 hour (more than nine years) as the Aimpoint M4 gets from the same battery, or even the 30,000 hours (almost three and a half years) that a CR1/3N battery in the Aimpoint PRO gets.

But it will suffice.

3,600 hours is far better than the 1,000 hours an EOTech 552.A65/1 is rated for on two AA lithium batteries.  The Belarus scope also lacks the automatic shut off feature, so your scope will be ON when you need it instead of needing a restart.


Come to think on it, even if it's 400 hours on a single AA, it's nearly as good, per battery, as the EOTech.

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  1. The problem is finding a battery that won't spontaneously eat itself and the power contacts along with it.

    Right now the scope I'm using(because it was small enough to co-witness with AK sights) uses a CR2032 and while it'll last for a month or so I check it more often than that because I've had those batteries - from a range of vendors - puke all over the battery compartment.


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