04 May 2017

Time Stamp

I have selected brightness position 4 on the PK-01VS.

I will check it daily at about this time each day.

When there's no dot showing, I will make note of it.

The official specs say that it will get 400 hours, other reviewers have gotten as many as 3,600 hours at maximum brightness.


I just realized that I don't know how fresh the Energizer Ultimate Lithium battery I found on my desk was.  If this test is severely truncated by an early fail, I'm going to try again with a known new battery.

The brightness setting is going to be adjusted both up and down to suit the needs of shooting as I run this review.  That doesn't seem, to me, to be an unfair condition for an exploration of battery life.


  1. Pardon my old-schoolness, but is there a chance of the dot "burning in" (like on an old tube TV)?

    1. There's a chance of the LED burning out...


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