03 May 2017

Unboxing And Initial Impression

The PK-01VS arrived today!

It's a box!  With packing paper.
Nylon carrying pouch.
Packed with goodies!
Left to right:  Instructions, in Russian.  Bag with lens cloth, paint brush, adjustment tool and sun-shade.  Ranging card, in Russian.  The optic itself with protective wrappings on the mount.
The optic.
If I had to put my finger on it, I'd say the body is a magnesium alloy die-casting.  It's got that sort of feel to it.
Look, the red dot sight has a red dot in it!
It mounts just like it was designed to go there.  I did have to adjust the tension to get it so it wouldn't slide back and forth, but that's normal.
Brightness is 0-7, K then 0 again; with a stop between the zeros.  So you can start with the dimmest setting first or...
... the brightest setting first.  Not sure why it's K and not 8.  I can't read Russian.
Windage, thankfully, is bilingual.
As is elevation.
Objective without sun-shade.
Objective with sun-shade.
First impression.  It's not heavy.  15.3 oz. with a lithium AA battery installed.  Add 0.7 oz. for the rubber lens covers and 0.4 oz. for the sun-shade.

It's just a bit heavier than an Aimpoint Comp M4s.

Because it's tailored for the AK, it mounts much lower than any p-rail setup I've seen would.

It bottom-edge co-witnesses with the iron sights and the dot was easily moved to sit right on top of the front sight while co-witnessing.  I removed and reinstalled the scope several times and the dot remains on top of the front sight!

With the Magpul stuff and the optic, the AKM kind looks Star Wars.
Without the sun-shade.
East versus West!
I guess the next step will be to waste some ammo!  Gee darn.

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